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HX mass comparator

Mass comparators are devices designed for determining the differences between masses of calibration weight (B) and reference weight (A). Comparators are most often used in measuring laboratories for calibration of weights and masses. Radwag offers comparators designed for calibration of weights and masses class M1 according to OIML R111, calibration masses 500kg and 1000kg with readability 5g or 10g.

Main part of HX mass comparators is high class load cell. Electronic module is installed in separate casing made of stainless steel.

Comparator is equipped with big graphic backlit display with user friendly menu in Polish and English language In order to guarantee proper accuracy of measurements, a half-automatic system of external calibration with calibration weight has been applied.

The weighing platform is manufactured in mild steel construction. It is resistant to abrasion and easy to keep in clean condition. Comparator is equipped with user friendly menu. The software allows for composition of GLP procedures as standard printout or as freely definable non-standard printout. Each comparator is equipped with RS 232, PS/2 output and possibility of connecting additional display as standard.

Technical data: HX 510/KO HX 1110/KO
Maximal capacity 510 kg 1100 kg
Readability 5 g 10 g
Repeatability 5 g 10 g
Range of electromagnetic compensation 0...510 kg 0...1100 kg
Stabilization time 10...20 s 10...20 s
Calibration external
Calibration range according to OIML R111 500kg

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