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inoLabŪ 740/750
Flexible and powerful


inoLabŪ 740 can be connected directly to a PC. The included "MultilabŪ pilot" software package communicates with the instrument. Configuration, calibration, measurement : all functions are controlled by means of pull-down menus on a clearly arranged user interface. Similar to data base and export to PC standard formats. All measurement data are available as tables and graphics, both online or offline.


The active multifunction box contains all measuring functions, numerous extention possibilities, connections, plug contact and an electrically isolated interface for control via PC or terminal. The measuring procedure on the inoLabŪ 740 is initiated by pressing the Run/Enter and AutoRead keys. The built-in electronics process all incoming measuring signals immediately and make them available for communication with other peripheral devices.

Ready to go

inoLabŪ 740 Set comes complete with the multifunction intelligent box, "MultiLabŪ pilot" software, pH electrode, choice of additional sensor, and accessories. 

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