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inoLab® Oxi 740

inoLab® Oxi 740 with Terminal or PC Software : Flexible and powerful

High performance oxygen meter with graphic display and digital recorder function for oxygen measurement in the laboratory. Automated functions such as air pressure correction, temperature compensation by the IMT method and OxiCal® rapid calibration make work easier. The built-in measurement store, the digital output RS 232 and the optional built-in printer (paper width 4.4" resp. 112mm) guarantee QA-conform documentation.

Features :

  • Built-in digital recorder
  • Graphic evaluation possible
  • Connection of bar-code reader or PC keyboard
  • Automatic memory function if bar-code reader is used
  • User selectable Languages
  • Multi-Level GLP Functions ( Password-protected operator levels)
  • Limit input with acoustic alam
  • Free-of-charge software downloads for MultiLab® pilot or terminal

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