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Wet Film Thickness Wheel

An accurate gauge to check the wet film thickness of a paint film on application.This is a simple instrument which performs a very important job. The thickness of any paint film is a critical factor affecting the eventual performance of the finished scheme and must be carefully controlled. Too little paint will result in premature breakdown of the film whilst too much paint would be expensive. The wheel type gauge illustrated is an effective way of determining the film thickness in the wet stage immediately after application.

A calibrated wheel with eccentric rim is rolled across the film to determine thickness. Available in 4 standard ranges, 0-100m, 0-200m, 0-500m, 0-1000m.


The instrument has three rims, the inner rim being eccentric to the two outer rims. At zero the three rims are in line; at any position the level of the inner rim will be the scale distance below the plane of the outer rims.

Method of Use

Immediately after application of the paint, the Wet Film Thickness Gauge is placed on the surface at the point where the gap between the inner and outer rim is greatest. It is then rolled along until zero point, i.e. where the inner and outer rims are in line, is in contact with the surface. Examination of the inner rim will show a point at which pick-up of the paint began. The scale reading on the outer rim shown against this point represents the Wet Film Thickness of the paint.

The scaling of the gauges is now in microns and the following ranges are standard :-

Ref. Description
Ref. 1109/100 100mm
Ref. 1109/200 200mm
Ref. 1109/500 500mm
Ref. 1109/1000 1000mm

Care must be taken to select the gauge with the appropriate range when carrying out a test. Gauges conform with British Standard Specification BS. 3900 Part C5 / ISO 2808 Method 7A, ASTM D1212 Method A.

We can supply calibration certificates if requested at the time of ordering.


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