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Wednesday, April 24th, 2019  
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Automatic Polarimeter AP-300 (package for sugar industry)

ATAGO has prepared 2 different AP-300 packages for the sugar industry. Users have a choice between 2 types: Temperature Controlled Type A and Temperature Compensation Type B. The AP-300 comes with Automatic Temperature Compensation for International Sugar Scale. A Circulating Constant Temperature Bath is not necessary ... more


About Us

PT. Prolabmas Murni Swadaya is a Full Line Distributor of Laboratory Equipment, Supplies and Chemicals since 1990. Our customers ranging from Research and Industrial Laboratories, Universities, Pharmaceutical Laboratories as well as our Government research centre and Health Institution. Our product lines include: ... more

USP 26 and accessories

Calibration and Testing agents Kit for measuring conductivity according to USP 26 This kit contains LR 325/01 Ultrapure water cell, D01/T Flow-thru vessel made of glass (USP-Kit 1) or stailess steel (USP-Kit 2), NIST traceable 5 ÁS standard with accuracy ▒ 2 % and 6R/SET/LabTesting set. Calibration standard 100 ... more

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