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Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019  
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SLK 6 Multi Hotplate

The multiple talents hotplates with two heating areas is especially for laboratories with wide ranging tasks to perform. The hotplate combines a powerful heating plate (1.2 kW) on the left side and a heating plate (0.5 kW) with a stirrer on the right side. The heater ... more

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       Moisture Meter Building & Wood
Protimeter Accessories
There is a range of accessories for use with some of the instruments in the Buildings and Wood product category.
Protimeter Aquant
The new instrument is used to assess and monitor the relative moisture level of materials including plaster, masonry, concrete and fibreglass (GRP).
Protimeter Humilog Data Logger
Humidity, temperature and moisture monitoring systems for buildings
Protimeter Hygrometer
Versatile hygrometer that measures humidity, air temperature and dewpoint. Protimeter Hygromaster supplied with a Surface Temperature Sensor. Protimeter Hygromaster floor testing kit with humidity box.
Protimeter Mini
General purpose moisture meter. The most widely used moisture meters in the world are the Protimeter Mini series.
Protimeter Moisture Measurement System
The Protimeter Moisture Measurement System (MMS) is a new product for measuring moisture conditions in buildings to aid understanding of how and why damp conditions may prevail
Protimeter Surveymaster
The dual mode pin and non-invasive moisture meter.
Protimeter Timbermaster
The Protimeter Timbermaster is a new simple to use moisture meter specifically designed for the timber industry.
Moisture Meter Agricultural
Moisture Meter Building & Wood
Moisture Meter Geotechnical
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