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Monday, September 16th, 2019  
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Rotor Specifications

Rotor Capacity (ml x places) Adapter Maximum Speed (rpm) Relative Centrifugal Force (g) TMA-20 Fixed Angle 10 x 8 (Round Bottom) - 15,000 18,370 TMA-21 Fixed Angle 1.5 x 18 - 15,000 18,370 ... more

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       Moisture Meter Building & Wood
          Protimeter Timbermaster
 Protimeter Timbermaster

Protimeter Timbermaster

Advanced moisture meter for wood supplied with a temperature probe, pouch and moisture probe.

The Protimeter Timbermaster is a new simple to use moisture meter specifically designed for the timber industry. It is ideal for a range of quality control applications associated with the production, trading and use of ... more

Protimeter Timbermaster Standard

Advanced moisture meter for wood. Supplied with pouch and moisture probe. Temperature probe is not supplied.

The Protimeter Timbermaster supplied without a temperarture probe. All readings are displayed on a large LCD display. May be used with optional hammer electrodes (BLD5010 and BLD5000) for ... more

Protimeter Accessories
Protimeter Aquant
Protimeter Humilog Data Logger
Protimeter Hygrometer
Protimeter Mini
Protimeter Moisture Measurement System
Protimeter Surveymaster
Protimeter Timbermaster
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