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Saturday, July 20th, 2019  
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Airstream® Class II Biohazard Safety Cabinets E series and S series

The Esco Airstream® E and S-series Class II Biohazard Safety Cabinets are the latest generation of the original Esco Class II Biohazard Safety Cabinet product, offering a sensible balance of quality, performance features and cost-effectiveness. These models are suitable for use with agents assigned to biosafety levels ... more

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 Memmert Sterilisers

Sterilisers S

Hot air steriliser S

Our steriliser S complies with all relevant standards and regulations for medical products and guarantees reliable programme sequences, irrespective of the load and chamber volume. The validation of a Memmert hot air steriliser is possible anytime, as our exemplary process ... more

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