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Wednesday, November 20th, 2019  
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The Thermostats

There are five models, each available in two versions. Without clamp for use with Grant S stainless steel and P plastic tanks or with clamp, for use with almost any type of vessel. Temperature range The temperature range is dependent on the type of bath used: see the specification table for details. Accessory cooling ... more

 Our Principals
       Sheen Coating Thickness - Dry Film
 Sheen Coating Thickness - Dry Film

Paint Inspection Gauge

Applications Direct measurement of the total coating thickness or individual coatings eg. a primer and top coat. Measurements on virtually any substrate are possible; aluminium, steel, plastic, wood, concrete or glass. Substrate condition, coating adhesion, microscopic cracking, brittleness, blistering and intercoat ... more

Minitest Stats

Minitest 1100/2100/3100/4100 A range of instruments for more advanced statistical information which take a wide range of probes for coating thickness readings up to 100MM. The 3100 and 4100 models have a large memory which can be split into batches for storage and later printout or download to PC. They also have limit ... more


Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge, including probe

A revolutionary gauge for measuring paint coatings on plastic and other non-metallic substrates. Using the ultrasonic principle, the gauge can measure up to three coatings individually or in total up to a maximum of 500 microns. Coatings must be non-metallic and the ... more

Minitest FH 2100/4100

A portable instrument to measure the wall thickness of bottles and containers using the magnetic Hall effect. A target ball is placed inside the object to be measured and the probe is applied to the other side of the material. The thickness can be read up to a maximum of 8mm. Full batching and statistics are standard ... more


For an instant indication of the thickness of a paint coating on steel. Using the magnetic attraction principle the PENTEST has a device to hold the reading on the scale. Range 25 - 700 um. The MINIPEN is a simpler version without the hold device. Coloured bands on the scale can be used for a pass/fail ... more


The traditional way of measuring coating thickness on steel. An automatic movement ensures excellent repeatability and no power supply is needed. An inexpensive way of measuring extra thick coatings up to 20mm and electroplated nickel on any metal substrate. Scale ranges are: 0-100um, 0-1000um, 200um-3mm, 500um-5mm, ... more


The latest in a line of small integrated and external probe instruments for quick simple inspection applications. All six models are fitted as standard with statistical evaluation and a large menu driven display ensures ease of use. Total memory capacity is 90 readings and high and low limits can be set. The range is ... more

MicroTest 7 Digital

The new Mikrotest 7 combines the proven measuring principle of magnetic attraction with digital technology. It offers both high resolution measurement and ease of use. The measurement principle is still based on the attraction force of a permanent magnet on steel as defined in all International Standards. The ... more

Ecotest Plus


This range of small, battery operated gauges will measure most surface coatings on steel (except electroplated nickel), and all non- conductive coatings on non- ferrous metals such as aluminium, stainless steel, brass etc. Three models are ... more

Sheen Abrasion
Sheen Coating Thickness - Dry Film
Sheen Coating Thickness - Wet Film
Sheen Colour - Hand Held
Sheen Colour - Liquid
Sheen Colour - Visual
Sheen Corrosion Control
Sheen Dispersion
Sheen Environmental Monitoring
Sheen Film Application
Sheen Gloss
Sheen Graphic Arts - Densitometry
Sheen Hardness - Adhesion - Impact
Sheen Miscellaneous
Sheen Moisture Measurement
Sheen Opacity
Sheen Orange Peel - DOI
Sheen Temperature - Process Monitoring
Sheen Viscosity
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