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Wednesday, November 20th, 2019  
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       Sheen Film Application
 Sheen Film Application

Automatic Film Applicators

Manual draw downs are often inconsistent especially between operators. This makes sample comparisons difficult or unreliable. The main factors affecting the draw down are the shear rate and downward force applied to the applicator tool. Our automatic applicators use a precisely controlled beam to push a fixed gap ... more

Pneumatic Panel Sprayers

Rapidly becoming the industry standard in many areas, our Automatic Panel Sprayers have been developed with the co-operation of end users to ensure the product meets the exacting quality standards of the industries using them. The key features in the production of test panels are : repeatability, uniformity and ... more

Multifilm, Four Sided and Cube Film Applicator

Multifilm Applicators A very versatile applicator, giving the user a choice of 8 different film thicknesses in one unit. Simply select the appropriate gap, place the sample in the centre and draw down in the usual manner. Ordering Information Code No. Description 1114 76mm ... more

Bar Applicators

These applicators are designed for use with 100mm wide test panels. The removable guides allow accurate and reproducible draw downs for repetitive testing. Like the bird applicator, the bar type needs no adjustment and is supplied ready for use. Standard film width is 90mm. Ordering Information Code No. ... more

Wire Bar Coaters/Impression Beds

These bars are ideal for the application of inks and coatings onto flexible materials such as paper, card, textiles, leather etc., The coating thickness applied is controlled by the area of the groove between the coils of wire. As the material levels a smooth uniform thickness is produced. Impression beds hold the ... more

Levelling/Sagging Tester & Sag Index Applicator

Levelling/Sagging Tester This applicator performs two tests. The sagging test is carried out as for Ref. 1108 (from 75 to 300Ám) but also incorporated is the levelling test. This test lays down parallel pairs of film which increase in thickness. Evaluation is made after drying. The coating is deemed to show good ... more

Adjustable Film Applicator & Micrometer Adjustable Filim Applicator

Adjustable Film Applicator With this applicator, a doctor blade is used. This does not shear the material under test so the resultant wet film thickness is much closer to the actual gap clearance. Two knurled screws on the applicator allow the gap to be set up to 6000Ám. Film width 76mm standard. Order Information ... more

Bird Applicators

These precision applicators are used in conjunction with paper, hiding power charts, plate glass or other smooth flat surfaces. They are simple, accurate production or quality control tools which require no adjustment. Available in two film widths as standard: 50 or 75mm. Ordering Information Code No. ... more

Sheen Abrasion
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Sheen Film Application
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