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Monday, July 06th, 2020  
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Maximum Speed 16,000rpm, Maximum RCF : 21,130G, Maximum Volume 50ml x 4

The TX-160 Refrigerated Bench Top Microcentrifuge provides high-speed performance and effective refrigeration with all the quality and features you expect from a TOMY. With the TX-160 you can attain forces of 21,000G and maintain temperatures ... more

 Our Principals
       Meiji Techno Stereo Microscope
Meiji Techno BM and BMK Series Long Arm
BM and BMK Series Long Arm Stereo Microscopes from Meiji Techno are high quality industrial and healthcare stereo microscopes mounted on a 255mm horizontal inclinable arm supported by a 300mm vertical post and heavy cast base.
Meiji Techno GEM Series
Meiji Techno offers two tiers of gemological microscopes based on our versatile EM Series of stereo microscopes
Meiji Techno RZ Series
RZ Stereo Microscopes by Meiji Techno RZ Series Stereo Microscopes are advanced, high-performance, modular, stereo microscopes specifically designed with today's demanding microscopy applications in mind.
Meiji Techno Surface Mount
Industrial SMD Inspection Systems by Meiji Techno are designed specifically for inspecting solder connections of surface mounted or through-hole components on printed circuit boards.
Meiji Techno's EM Series
No other line of stereo microscopes can match the combination of superb optics, rugged dependability, economical, and wide range of accessories.
Meiji Techno Asbestos
Meiji Techno Biological Microscopes
Meiji Techno Cameras
Meiji Techno Gemological Microscopes
Meiji Techno Gout Testing
Meiji Techno Macro Zoom Lens System
Meiji Techno Measuring Microscopes
Meiji Techno Mettalurgical
Meiji Techno Polarizing
Meiji Techno Stereo Microscope
Meiji Techno Video Microscopes
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