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Friday, February 28th, 2020  
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The sea water density meter S/Mill-E has a scale for measuring the per-mill ( ‰ ) unit. By simple operation the user can obtain a direct reading quickly of the salt concentration and specific gravity of seawater. Specifications : Cat. No. 2442 Model S/Mill-E Scale range Salinity 0 to 100 ... more

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       Scrub Resistance
 Scrub Resistance

Leneta Scrup Test Panel

Scrub Test Panels Form P121-10N Black Plastic-Vinyl Chloride/Acetate Copolymer. Smooth Matte Surface - Plasticizer Free Thickness: 10 mils (0.25 mm) - Size: 6-1/2 x 17 in (165 x 432 mm) Used in ASTM D 2486, ASTM D 4213, ISO 11998 and Other Scrub Test Methods. In a typical scrub test, the coating is applied to ... more

Leneta- ASTM Scrub Media

Non-Abrasive Type Item No. SC-1 Used in ASTM Method D3450, Test for Washability Properties. Abrasive Type Item No. SC-2Used in ASTM Method D2486, D4213 and D3450, Scrub Resistance and Washability Tests. SC-1 SC-2 These are ... more

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