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Sunday, December 08th, 2019  
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Sieve Shaker AS 200 control

Retsch sieve shakers are used in research & development, quality control of raw materials, intermediate products and end products, and in production control. The AS 200 series enables every user to select a suitable device according to his individual requirements, profile and budget. The AS 200 control meets the ... more

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 Medical Scales

Baby Scales

Scales WPT 15DC and WPT 20DC are precise electronic weighing equipment manufactured in class III and designed for weighing infants. The weighing pan is made of Owispol polystyrene and the display is in backlit LCD version. Each scale is powered by mains (230V/10,5V AC). The indicator has also container for ... more

Personal Scales

Scales designed for weighing patients in clinics. Using height-meter, it is possible to measure the height of a patient up to 20 meters. Scales are equipped with backlit LCD display, Power supply either by mains or by batteries. Personal scales are manufactured in two versions: - with height-meter (indicator ... more

Bed Scales

Scale designed to weigh patients in lying position. The construction of bed scales allows for application of this weighing equipment for various types of beds and braking systems. Long beams allow for measuring bed's mass no matter of place on which the bed is postioned on the beam. Adjustable distance between the ... more

Chair scales

Chair scales are precise weighing equipment designed for weighing patients in sitting position. Each scale is equipped with wheels for fast and easy transporting a patient. The scale is equipped with backlit LCD display. Power supply either by mains or by batteries, thanks to which the scale can operate no matter ... more

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Medical Scales
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