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Thursday, August 16th, 2018  
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Optima Series ; Baths, circulators, thermostats

Simple to use and easy to choose. Knowing the temperature range, degree of precision required and the size of tank needed is the starting point. Grant’s Optima™ series of modular thermostatic controllers, baths and circulators makes it simple to arrive at the perfect solution. Just follow the three easy steps… 1. ... more

 WTW New Portable Meters
MultiLine Multi-parameter meters
Multi 3410, 3420, 3430: The New Multi-parameter Standard. Intelligent Sensors store an ID, Digital Processing and Data Transfer of Sensor measurement, Sensors for each application
ProfiLine Single-parameter meters
The ProfiLine handheld instruments from WTW: Rugged, waterproof, convenient and much more. Special silicone keypad – absolutely waterproof. CMC-Function – for a more accurate pH-measurement. Waterproof USB-interface – most suitable for wet environments

Techincal Data inoLab®

Technical Data inoLab® pH/Con 720, Multi 720   pH/Cond 720, Multi 720 Multi 720 pH/Cond 720, Multi 720 pH measurement Oxygen measurement Conductivity measurement Range / resolution         pH ... more

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