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Monday, June 17th, 2019  
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PMC-060 & PMC-860

The Tomy PMC-060 and PMC-860 Capsulefuges are the ideal personal centrifuges. They are perfect for dozens of low g-force tasks and small enough to keep handy whether you need it at the work bench, in the cold room, or in a fume hood. The Capsulefuges are available in two versions that spin either 1.5 to 2.2 ml microtubes ... more

 Drinking Water Monitoring
Analyzer for Free and Total Chlorine
The analyzer operates photometrical with the DPD method according to US EPA. The reagents are supplied in dry state. For an operation of 30 days it is only necessary to fill them up with water.
Instruments for Measuring Turbidity for any Demand
The nephelometric measurement is offered with or without ultrasonic cleaning of the flow-through cuvette. The user can also select between infrared light measurement according to DIN 7027 and white light measurement acc. to US EPA 180.1.
Multi-parameter Systems Pre-mounted systems
The MULTILINE 1000 is the only complete system to offer convenient measuring and display of up to six parameters with one single terminal. It is very easy to operate thanks to a touchscreen and a intuitive menu. The monitoring system comes premounted on a
Single-parameter Systems Pre-mounted systems
Ready-to-use systems mounted on a panel. All components are optimized for drinking water applications to get the most accurate readings and guarantee low maintenance.

Peak 2038 Transparency Magnifier 4x

Peak Loupe 4x uses a high-resolution achromatic lens whose chromatic aberration has been corrected. With its wide square vision of 45x45 mm and a clever and smart design of its body, it will be useful not only in your daily life but also in various fields as an able assistant for precision works. Particularly, ... more

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