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Saturday, January 19th, 2019  
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Model 84 Pendulum Impact Tester

The Tinius Olsen Model 84 Pendulum Impact Tester is a versatile and reliable machine. The Model 84 is designed to comply with the specifications out-lined by ASTM E 23 and ISO 442. Today, it is widely recognized as the standard of the industry for impact testing. This system does not require a separate PC and software ... more

 Sheen Viscosity
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Viscometer ... New !!

The new Viscomaster ( "Brookfield Type" ) viscometer is the ideal solution for performing precise viscosity measurements quickly and efficiently. Its ease of use and versatility enable it to be used in many industrial applications where the determination of fluid properties and behaviour is essential. The principle of measurement is simple , but reliable, based on the well established method of measuring the resistance of a spindle rotating in the sample under test.


  • Measuring range - 100 to 13,000,000 cP.
  • Fixed speeds from 0.3 to 200 rpm.
  • Direct readout on clearly illuminated 4 line LCD displaying selected operating parameters.
  • Senses and displays continuously:- Viscosity (cP or mPa·s) ; Temperature ( Degrees C or F) ; % scale (Brookfield) ; Speed (rpm) ; Spindle used.
  • Progressive deceleration avoids excessive torque on spindle when stop is selected.
  • Temperature reading with platinum probe.
  • Density input allowing kinematic viscosity determinations.
  • Auto-range function.
  • Storage of 10 user-defined test settings.
  • Range of accessories available.

Ordering Information

Code No. Description

Viscomaster VM1( "Brookfield Type") Viscometer


Viscomaster VM2 ( "Brookfield Type" ) Viscometer


Small Sample Adaptor with flow jacket


Small Sample Adaptor without flow jacket


Set of spindles TR8/9/10/11


Temperature probe for SSA


Low viscosity adaptor with flow jacket


Low viscosity adaptor without flow jacket


Temperature probe for LVA


Helical Drive Unit ( 230V 50/60Hz )


Helical Drive Unit ( 110V 50/60Hz )


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