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Sunday, May 26th, 2019  
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Digital salt-meter ES-421

The digital salt-meter, ES-421 employs a funnel-shaped sensor section ( conductivity ), which measures the salt % of a sample ( dilute solution of soy sauce, ketchup,mayonnaise, Worcester sauce, sqeezed juice of pickles, etc. ) very small sample needed ( 1.0ml approx. is enough for measurement ). ... more

 Sheen Film Application
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Pneumatic Panel Sprayers

Rapidly becoming the industry standard in many areas, our Automatic Panel Sprayers have been developed with the co-operation of end users to ensure the product meets the exacting quality standards of the industries using them. The key features in the production of test panels are : repeatability, uniformity and continuity, matching real life production conditions.

Strict control must be maintained on critical factors such as atomisation, flow, traverse speed, lift, gun position and drying time.

Controlled, reproducible samples can be achieved for colour matching, gloss, adhesion, opacity etc.
The units are pneumatically operated and are intrinsically safe when used with flammable solvent based paint systems.


  • A wide choice of options is available from the compact, single gun 4500N to the multi-panel, twin gun 4800N which has provision for electrostatic spraying, both HVLP and Bell.


1. Digital traverse time display (all models).
The traverse timer will provide precise time of a single traverse stroke or a single cycle.
The unit is air purged and powered by 1.5V batteries.
2. Air Drying Unit (all models). Provides a controlled filtered airm flow onto the panels to reduce drying time, and can increase throughput of panels by 60%.
3. Vacuum Panel Holder (all models).
For non-metallic test panels. Manifold coupling allows rapid changeover.
4. Dwell timer (all models).
Provides delay between each spray pass. Options from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.
5. Electrostatic spraying (4800N). Mounting supplied for; air pressure regulator/ filter, connecting panel, pneumatic remote control, gun mounting and panel holder.
6. Wedge Control 3 or 4 Step available (all models). This control provides test samples suitable for hiding, sag & related tests.

Ordering Information

Code No. Description

Small Automatic Panel Sprayer - Single Gun Facility, 1 Flash Off Timer, 1 Coating Counter


Medium Automatic Panel Sprayer - Twin Gun Facility, 2 Flash Off Timers, 1 Coating Counter


Large Automatic Panel Sprayer - Twin Gun Facility, 3 Flash Off Timers, 2 Coating Counters, Adjustable Spray Width

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Automatic Film Applicators

Multifilm, Four Sided and Cube Film Applicator
Bar Applicators
Wire Bar Coaters/Impression Beds
Levelling/Sagging Tester & Sag Index Applicator
Adjustable Film Applicator & Micrometer Adjustable Filim Applicator

Sheen Abrasion
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Sheen Film Application
Sheen Gloss
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