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Wednesday, October 07th, 2015  
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Vacuubrand Rotary vane pumps RZ 2.5

The one-stage RE 2.5 and two-stage RZ 2.5 are high-performance rotary vane pumps with extra compact design and low weight. They are the ideal solution for a wide range of laboratory and process applications that require low ultimate vacuum at medium gas flow rate. The rotary vane pumping unit ... more

 Model 1200 - Single Test Colorimeter Labs
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Chlorine Standards for Model 1200

For use with the 1200 series of chlorine colorimeters. Secondary standards provide a fast way to check calibration without the burden of making primary standards.

Based on Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 20th ed., 1998, the operator can calibrate a colorimeter using a permanganate primary standard or a chlorine primary standard. Once the meter is calibrated using the primary standard, the operator can insert secondary standards periodically to evaluate the calibration of the instrument.

  • Secondary standard kit contains a blank and 3 standards for low, mid-range, and high chlorine calibrations.
  • Packaged in a small plastic case with Certificate of Analysis stating range of each standard.
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DPD Chlorine Secondary Standards Kit


FAS-DPD Titration Kit for Chlorine Titration


Standard Chlorine Solution, 250 ppm, 60mL


Standard Chlorine Solution, 250 ppm, 475mL
Permanganate Solution, 1000 ppm, 60mL
Permanganate Solution, 1000 ppm, 475mL
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Model 1200 - Single Test Colorimeter Labs
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Model 1200 - Single Test Colorimeter Labs
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