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Monday, September 16th, 2019  
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Digital Hand-held Cutting Oil Meter PAL-102S

Digital Hand-held "Pocket" Cutting Oil Meter PAL-102S is designed for controlling the concentration of cutting oils. This is most suitable for the measurement of the percent dilution and controlling the percent concentration of hydraulic oil and cleaning liquid. Cutting oil, molding lubricant and rust resistance liquid are ... more

 ESCO Ergonomic Accessories
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ESCO Ergonomic Accessories

Esco's products are not just "cabinets" but "workstations" where people may spend most of their working day at. As such, all of our products have been designed for ergonomics to maximize user comfort and minimize fatigue. The following ergonomic accessories are also available at an option to enhance your experience with our cabinets.

Ergonomic Height Adjustable Support Stand

  • Motorized and hydraulic support stand
  • Height can be adjusted to suit a standing operator or a seated operator
  • Adjustable height range: 710~863 mm / 28"~34"
  • Maximum weight supported: 500 kgs / 1100 lbs
  • Available with castor wheels (see illustration left) or levelling feet

Ergonomic Lab Chair

  • Meets Class 100 cleanliness
  • Alcohol-resistant PVC material
  • Adjustable seat height range: 395~490 mm / 15.55"~19.29"
  • Adjustable angle back rest
  • Attractive, chrome-plated frame on castor wheels

Ergonomic Footrest

  • Angled footrest panel with anti-skid coating
  • Adjustable height range between 100~300 mm / 3.94"~11.81"
  • Provides lumbar support and ensures correct user posture during extended usage
  • Solid steel frame with chemically resistant powder-coated finish

Ergonomic Armrest Padding

  • Soft PVC padding enhances operator arm comfort during extended cabinet usage
  • Standard "one size fits all" design with 712 mm / 28" length
  • Chemically treated PVC material has no contamination-trapping joints or pores
  • Easily cleanable with mild detergent and water
  • NB: Not resistant to UV / alcohol
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