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Wednesday, December 12nd, 2018  
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Clinical Refractometer SUR-NE

The SUR-NE is designed for clinical purposes: "Serum Protein", "Specific Gravity of Urine" and "Refractive Index". Specifications : Cat.No. 2734 Model SUR-NE Scale range Urine S.G. scale : 1.000 to 1.060 Serum protein scale : 0.0 to 12.0g / 100ml ... more

 ESCO Custom Product
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Esco Custom Products

Esco possesses a wealth of experience in the engineering and design of customized clean air and containment cabinets. These are a few reasons to choose Esco when looking for a partner to solve your demanding application-specific requirements.

  • We do not just sell a product, but a company with more than 200 people working for you to provide unique solutions to your specific requirements
  • Our vertically-integrated manufacturing facilities mean that we can build practically any cabinet design that you can imagine.
  • Sophisticated CAM / CAM capabilities allow us to design, prototype and manufacture new designs quickly and accurately
  • Unlike other companies, all sheet metal design and production is done in-house at Esco which means products can be modified efficiently (All Esco cabinets can be produced in full stainless steel upon request of the customer.)
  • Our in-house computational fluid dynamics capabilities reduce the need for costly and time-consuming prototyping work
  • Detailed knowledge and advice on all current industry standards and recommended practices
  • Development of application-specific operator software for microprocessor-based cabinet controls
  • Large production volume capacity in our facility to cope with fluctuating demands and large, custom orders with fast-turnaround times
  • Installation, support and after-sales service through our network of distributors and partners in more than 70 countries worldwide
  • Development of customer and application specific product documentation and test protocols
  • Customized user training programs to train your personnel on safe working practices
  • Dedicated product specialists and engineers to provide fast and accurate responses from he initial conceptualization to final execution of your design
  • Initial engineering proposals are submitted free of charge and at no obligation
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