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Monday, June 18th, 2018  
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The AVSPro automatic sampler operates according to the most precise method, in terms of physical chemistry, used to determine the viscosity of liquids - the capillary method. Using this method, measurements with an accuracy of more than 0.1% can be achieved. Due to the versatility provided by viscometers with optical and ... more

 Cleanroom Equipment
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Esco Cleanroom Construction Components

Esco’s Cleanroom Construction Components division specializes in HEPA-filtered cleanroom construction components for use in critical environments to protect products and processes from micro-contamination.

Our product line is employed internationally by many of the world’s most reputable cleanroom engineering firms in turnkey cleanroom construction projects.

We invite you to learn more about how Esco can help you reduce captial and long-term costs, increase efficiency, and achieve only the most stringent levels of contamination control performance.

  • Backed by Esco’s unparalleled experience of more than 20 years in critical environments and cleanrooms; not only in clean air device manufacturing but also turnkey projects.
  • Lowest initial capital investment and lifecycle costs; coupled with technical innovation recognized the world over.
  • Compliance with the latest international standards for clean air, critical environments and electrical safety.
  • Fully integrated and mechanized manufacturing processes at our sheet metal processing centre utilizing only raw materials of the highest quality and the latest industrial production techniques.
  • Competitive lead times with many items from stock.

Products of Esco Cleanroom

  • Airstream®Fan Filter Units
  • Esco Cleanroom Air Showers
  • Esco Air Shower Pass Throughs / Pass Throughs
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Cleanroom Transfer Hatch
Pass Box
Air Shower Pass Box
Esco Air Shower

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