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 WTW On-Line Sample Preparation
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Biological Treatment

PurCon® - the perfect sample preparation

PurCon® is a continuosly operating sample preparation system which has been specially designed for use in wastewater treatment facilities. In contrast to conventional preparation systems, e.g. by sedimentation, the PurCon® unit provides a continuous flow of solid-free and bacteria-free permeate; BubbleClean® feature result in low maintennace requirements.

This sample preparation system is suitable for a wide range of application in the wastewater treatment plants; even for applications in the biological treatment with difficult-to-sediment sludge components.

The PurCon® sample preparation system is the ideal complement to the TresCon® analysis system as up to three on-line analysis module can be supplied with permeate simultaneously.

In typical application in municipal wastewater treatment plants, 6 months maintenancec-free operation is posible.

Features :

  • Continuous sample preparation
  • Solid-free and bacteria-free permeate
  • Can supply up to three TresCon® analyser modules
  • BubbleClean® self-cleaning feature - low maintenance.

System description

The PurCon® sample preparation system consists of a sample preparation unit and a control unit with peristaltic pump for permeate delivery. The unit is fully mounted and is built into a V4A stainless steel housing with a door in the front panel.

To supply the raw water to the PurCon® system a submersible pump is required ; its type and size depend upon the local conditions. Sample discharge is pressureless (outlet diameter > 50 mm)

Technical Data PurCon®

Permeate Feed to analyzer Continuous
Yield 3.6 l/h max., adjustable in four increments
Quality Free of solid matter and bacteria
Sample delivery Minimum ... maximum 400 ... 1.500 l/h approx.
Connections Sample inlet Hose barb fitting, 3/4" I.D.
Drain outlet PVC pipe fitting, 50 mm I.D., pressureless
Rinsing outlet Hose barb fitting, 3/4" I.D.
Permeate outlet Scree fitting , 0.06" dia.
Electrical requirements Voltage 230 VAC/115 VAC (depending on version)
Power consumtion 150VA approx. (without pump)
EMC According to EN 26 326 class B, Annex A, FCC class A
Mechanical, protection rating Dimension (HxWxD) 735 x 575 x 220 mm
Material 316 stainless steel ; IP 33
weight 36 kg, approx.
Maintenance requirements Municipal application Depends on location and wastewater load, typically 20 min/month
Ambient conditions Temperature storage     : -25 ... 60 oC
Temperature operating  : 0 ... +40 oC
Certification CE, TÜV-Mark, DIN-GOST

Ordering Information

PurCon® Order No
PurCon®/ 230 Sample preparation system for 230 VAC, with 1 m permeate tubing with adapter, 3 hose clamps for feed tubing 810 000
PurCon®/ 115 Sample preparation system for 115 VAC, with 1 m permeate tubing with adapter, 3 hose clamps for feed tubing 810 008
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On-Line Sample Preparation

PurCon® IS

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