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Monday, June 18th, 2018  
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USP 26 and accessories

Calibration and Testing agents Kit for measuring conductivity according to USP 26 This kit contains LR 325/01 Ultrapure water cell, D01/T Flow-thru vessel made of glass (USP-Kit 1) or stailess steel (USP-Kit 2), NIST traceable 5 S standard with accuracy 2 % and 6R/SET/LabTesting set. Calibration standard 100 ... more

 WTW Portable Sampler
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Portable Sampler PB 17

The portable sampler PB 17 with vacuum technology and its immensely compact build is also suitable for field use in difficult terrain. With its large utilizable sample capacity of 24 x 1 l segment bottles, it is particularly suitable for extensive monitoring tasks and load determination. The lower part of the device has a double-wall insulation and offers full sample protection and a passive cooling facility with dry ice or cold storage accumulators. The cover, which is equipped with a lock, offers protection against the element and unauthorized access. Its easy-to-change rechargeable battery with plug connection prevents downtimes caused by battery charging and facilitates a high level of availability.


  • Energy saving vacuum technology
  • Very compact build
  • Large bottle capacity
  • High level of availability through simple battery change

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PB 17 Portable microprocessor-controlled liquid sampler in plastic housing with vacuum dosing system and built-in rechargeable battery. Delivery includes 5 m suction tubing, screw fitting, tubing end piece and 24 x 1 l PE sample bottles. Not included : Battery charger. The required accessories for PB 17 must be ordered separately 000 175
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Portable sampler PB 13

Portable Sampler PB 25 S / PB 25 S / 24

WTW Portable Sampler
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