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 WTW Monitoring and Control Stations
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Monitoring and Control Stations

Mobile · Stationary · Remote

WTW designs and manufactures complete packaged on-line systems for a variety of water and wastewater applications. The scope ranges from compact analysis systems for water quality monitoring to fully instrumented, walk-in sheltered control stations.


  • Integrated, turn-key system solutions
  • Reduced risk of design errors by individual project planning
  • Installation, start up and on-site training provided by competent WTW technicians
  • Service support by trained personnel

Project Planning

WTW engineers support the customers in the planning phase of even complex application solutions. The analysis and monitoring stations will be conceptually designed and engineered to optimally meet the customers’ requirements, with particular regard to the situation at the project site and the expected operating conditions.


The custom designed station containing analytical instruments, online analyzers, filtration units and sample feed systems and, if required, PLC circuits for routing of sample or permeate flows and for automatic control of cleaning cycles, are assembled, piped and functionally tested at the factory. If the equipment will be installed in a thermally insulated, weatherproof walk-in enclosure, WTW also establishes all necessary electrical and sanitary installation.


The fully assembled and self-contained station is transported as a turnkey unit to the project site and positioned on the foundation prepared by the customer. Minimal field assembly is then required by just connecting it to the main supply and the pipework. If the station is to be installed in an existing building at the site, this work can be done by trained WTW personnel.


An essential benefit of weather-proof, containerized work-stations is the high degree of flexibility with respect to the planning of the site. The location of the enclosure can be chosen to optimize the sampling points and distances. In addition, this solution can provide great construction savings.

Portable, Battery Powered Measuring System - Based on  IQ Sensor Net

WTW designs and manufactures fully assembled, compact and transportable measuring stations ideally suited for mobile field applications, but also for permanent installation. The standard instrumentation of the systems includes the IQ Sensor Net System, the choice of the appropriate IQ sensors is determined by the particular application. For documentary purposes or evidence of pollution events, the collected data can be recorded locally on a strip chart recorder and optionally stored in a data-logger for later readout. Custom designed system configurations can be supplied to meet specific users’ needs.

Features :

  • Robust water resistant housing equipped with an eyelet for carrying purpose with a chain of belt
  • Battery Powered. 4 week of continuous operation before recharging (Turbidity sensors of spectral probes will reduce the charging interval). Battery charger is included to delivery.
  • Data logger for 43.000 values (system 2020), means e.g. logging data with one sensor every minute for one month.
  • Measured values (including date, time, temperature) can be downloaded to Excel via interface module.

Typical Applications

  • Spot-checking for industrial discharger
  • Trouble-shooting for polluted effluents
  • Mobile pollution monitoring of water resources
  • Pilot trials in treatment plants
  • Planning studies for determination of process parameters
  • Measurements in sewage influent streams
  • Monitoring of aquacultural hatcheries
  • Control system for transport of live fish
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WTW Monitoring and Control Stations
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