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Sunday, June 07th, 2020  
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LoCap Series

The Tinius Olsen LoCap gives you the ultimate in durability, speed, convenience, accuracy and ease-of-use. Its precision interchangeable straingage load cells let you quickly change the machine capability from as little as 0.02 lbf up to the maximum of the frame capacity. The heavy duty, rugged structure of the LoCap ... more

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WTW pHotoFlex, the most outstanding portable photometers

Portable Photometers : Whatever the Application

With pHotoFlex and pHotoFlex Turb there is a new series of portable photometers, which have been designed especially for the use at changing locations. The pHotoFlex Series is outstanding due to it‘s unique combination of several measuring parameters: Photometry, pH and Turbidity (photoFlex Turb).

The instruments are handy, robust battery driven models equipped with accurate optics by low power consumption. They can be changed over to run with rechargeable batteries and universal power plug or alternatively upgraded with a LabStation inkl. rechargeable battery set for a comfortable data import and export.

More Test Kits!
At the same time, WTW has enhanced the product portfolio of available test kits: now, WTW is offering the practical powder pillow matching pHotoFlex, as well as new cuvette tests.

Special Features :

The combination of photometry+pH+turbidity

  • Smart adapter Technology : Fixed adapter for 28 mm and 16 mm round cuvettes with variable hight of 91-104 mm
  • Huge selection of varied test kits
  • Integrated pH-function

pHotoFlex Turb

  • Additionally turbidity measurement with IR-LED from 0-1100 NTU/FNU according to DIN EN 27027, ISO 7027.

More Benefits and Features


  • Measurement of concentration, absorbance, transmission
  • User guidance on display, ideal for field use
  • More than 60 methods with on-going actualization and enhancement of usable test kits (up to approx. 250)
  • Method- and software-update via Internet
  • Measurement of color according to EN ISO 7887: 1994
  • 100 user-defined methods


  • Turbidity measurement with IR from 0-1100 NTU/FNU;
  • Resolution: 0-9.99 NTU: 0.01; 10-99 NTU: 0.1 NTU; 100-1100 NT: 1 NTU
  • 3-point-calibration
  • Calibration kit with retraceable AMCO® Standards (0.02 - 10 - 1000 NTU)


  • Measuring range 0-16,00 (+/- 0.01) for Standard-DIN pHelectrodes
  • Automatic temperature compensation (-5.. +100 °C)
  • Automatic buffer recognition (TEC/NIST)


Wherever changing locations have to be analysed:

  • Environment
  • Water analysis (Waste- and drinking Water, surface water)
  • Process Control
  • Beverage industry

For detail include technical information, please click here

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