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 Ductless Fume Hood ESCO
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ESCO Airstream® Ductless Fume Cabinet

Ductless fume cabinets are open-fronted enclosures designed to provide operator protection by removing chemical fume contaminants generated within the work zone during routine procedures. The filtered air is then recirculated back to the room.

The Esco Airstream® Ductless Fume Cabinet is the second generation of our original and most popular ductless fume cabinet product, offering a sensible balance of quality, performance features and cost-effectiveness. Consider for example the high-quality, extremely durable, all-metal carcass which creates an air-tight outer shell for the best possible toxic fume containment possible (as opposed to a non airtight plastic frame). This innovative design is also supplemented by the frameless glass sliding sash front window which is more air-tight than conventional plastic systems. In addition, these models feature Esco’s latest key innovations: user-friendly Esco Sentinel™ microprocessor control, generously-sized main filters with higher chemical retention capacities, over-sized high air volume blower systems, unique motorised impellers for better airflow uniformity and external rotor motors for low energy consumption.

Some example applications for which these cabinets can be used are : Pilot scale pharmaceutical manufacturing, slide staining operations, graphic arts preparation, PCR operations, solvent bonding, welding or decanting, robotic enclosures, powder weighing and dispensing, drum decanting etc.

  • Proven technology : activated carbon filtration removes most common chemical fumes and vapours * - multiple carbon filter types available depending on application. Built-in pre-filter with a rated ef.ciency of 20% traps large airborne particles and extends main filter life.
    *NOTE: Ductless recirculating fume cabinets are NOT suitable for all chemical applications, consult Esco for advice concerning your individual application.
  • Energy-saving : cabinet does not remove tempered air from the laboratory as compared to conventional fume hoods.
  • Reliable : all metal construction (as compared to plastic construction employed by the competition).
  • Safe : higher volumetric airflow rates mean a larger number of air changes in the work zone and thus a higher degree of protection for the user.
  • Durable : chemical and abrasion resistant stainless steel work surface will never rust or chip.
  • Convenience : Tempered glass sliding front sash is easier to operate as compared to the usual hinged designs (sash can also be shut fully to isolate the work zone when the cabinet is not in use).
  • Your safety is assured : microprocessor-based airflow alarm and control system that is fully configurable according to the user’s requirements. Additional safety features such as Admin PIN and Fan PIN provide the laboratory supervisor with full control of the cabinet and its functions.
  • Ergonomics : Ergonomically sloped front design for greater operator comfort, while the front control panel is downward-sloping for easier view of and access to the microprocessor control buttons.
  • Mobile and easily portable : optional support stand (see photo above), base cabinet with caster wheels are available.
  • Compliant to International Standards : Esco Airstream® Ductless Cabinets are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed the requirements of ASHRAE 110, AS2243.9 - 1991, BS 7989 - 2001, AFNOR NF X 15-211 and ANSI/AIHA Z9.7-1998.

Technical Data

General Specifications


External Dimensions (L x W x H)

1340 x 727 x 1410 mm / 52.8" x 28.6" x 55.5"

Internal Work Zone (L x W x H)

1268 x 678 x 780 mm / 50.0" x 26.7" x 30.7"

Standards Compliance

Designed and manufactured to meet and exceed the requirements of :
ASHRAE 110, AS2243.9 - 1991, BS 7989 - 2001, AFNOR NF X 15-211 and ANSI/AIHA Z9.7-1998.
Electrical safety : IEC 61010-1 / EN 61010-1 / UL 61010A-1 / CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1-92

Inflow Air Velocity

Initial setpoint: 0.50 m/s or 100 fpm


463 cmh / 273 cfm

Light Intensity

>1000 Lux / >93 footcandles (measured at work surface level, zero background)

Standard Filtration Elements

Pre-filter : Washable non-woven polyester fibers with an efficiency of 20% against particles
Exhaust filter : Activated carbon filters (2) with 50mm / 2" granular media bed (see table below for filter options)

Activated Carbon Media

Total Weight: 20 kgs / 44 lbs (10 kgs / 22 lbs each)

Main Body Construction

1.5mmt / 0.06" / 16 gauge electro-galvanised steel with white oven-baked epoxy powder-coated finish

Power Supply Options

Choose from the following options and specify number when ordering (e.g. ADC-4A2 for a 110-130VAC 60HZ)
1. 220-240VAC 50HZ, 1 phase 2. 110-130VAC 60HZ, 1 phase 3. 220-240VAC 60HZ, 1 phase 4. 110-130VAC 50HZ, 1 phase 5. 100-110VAC 50HZ / 60HZ

Max Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)

1440 x 830 x 1510 mm / 56.7" x 32.7" x 59.4"

Max Shipping Volume

1.80 cbm / 63.8 cbf


  1. Support stand with caster wheels or levelling feet. Available heights: 28" (for a sitting operator) or 34" (for a standing operator)
  2. Powder-coated panel-mounted single electrical outlet Available in all international socket outlet types. Specify when ordering.
  3. Service fixture outlets for air / water / vacuum / gas supplies within the working area of the cabinet.
  4. Swan-neck faucet and PP round drip cup sink for water connections. (Must be factory-fitted).
  5. Custom models available with HEPA filter as a substitute to carbon filter OR in addition to carbon filter.
  6. Wide range of filters are available. Refer to table below for details. NB: It is important to choose the suitable filter type for your applications.





Standard Filter

All common laboratory chemicals, especially with organics. When no specific requirements are present, or when more than one type of chemical is used.


Acid Filter

Applications involving sulphur dioxide, hydrofiouric acid fumes. Removes inorganic / organic acid vapours and fumes


Mercury Compounds Filter

Highly effective for removal of mercury vapour and compounds. (Stable, non-volatile mercuric sulphide filter media)


Sulphur Compounds Filter

Removal of sulphur compounds.


Halogen Compounds Filter

Removal of halogen compounds like Chlorine, Flourine, Iodine, Bromine, Astatine etc.


Aldehyde Filter

Formaldehyde applications or when aldehydes are present. Hospital pathology and endoscopy applications.


Ammonia / Amines Filter

High performance removal of ammonia/amines by chemisorption.

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