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 ESCO PCR Cabinet
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Esco PCR Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets - 3&4ft version

Based on our Esco Airstream® Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet product line, Esco® PCR Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet has been designed specifically for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) applications*. Unlike conventional dead air boxes, this enclosure features ISO Class 4 (US Federal Standard 209E Class 10) product protection within the work zone by vertical laminar airflow.

By providing a particulate-free work environment, these cabinets isolate critical steps in the PCR process from contamination present in the ambient environment, and can be operated effectively as "mini-environments" in the laboratory. True vertical laminar flow in the interior also prevents cross contamination within the work zone. Other features typical of laminar flow cabinets, such as a positively pressurized interior, also ensure that contamination from the ambient environment cannot enter the work zone.

The only PCR cabinet that monitors the performance and usage hours of UV lamp, pre-filter and main ULPA filter, and alerts the user when replacement is required.

Unlike other PCR solutions from the competition, a unique feature of these models is that every unit produced is rigorously tested and certified at our in-house laboratory after production for performance, in accordance with the latest clean air standards. For your assurance, each cabinet also ships complete with a factory commissioning report detailing the tests performed and results obtained. Experience the benefits of proven product and cross-contamination protection based on Esco’s experience of more than 20 years with laminar flow and HEPA / ULPA filtration technologies.

The built-in UV lamp decontamination system in the cabinet functions effectively, using a proven protocol, for sterilisation of contaminant DNA / RNA in between amplications. The double-flap safety cover protects the user while allowing safe access to work zone.

IMPORANT NOTICE : Esco PCR Cabinets only provide product (sample) protection. When both operator and product protection is required during the PCR process, Esco’s Class II biohazard safety cabinet range is recommended.


  • True vertical laminar airflow with a large filter covering the entire work zone within the cabinet for better protection against cross contamination, as compared to conventional dead-air boxes.
  • High-quality polyester pre-filter and main HEPA filter with a typical efficiency of 99.9998% at 0.3 microns provide the best product protection in the world; typical ULPA filter lifespan is more than 3 years depending on operating conditions and total number of hours in usage.


  • Esco Sentinel™ Microprocessor Control provides users flexibility and full configurability according to the requirements of the user.
  • Admin PIN can be set on the control to restrict unauthorized access to menu parameters.
  • UV decontamination cycle is fully programmable using the Microprocessor keypad; a timer will turn off the UV lamp after the set period of time.
  • Unique pre-filter change alarm and UV lamp replacement alarm make the cabinet the safest and the most user-friendly PCR cabinet on the market.


  • Ergonomic sloped-front design allows for optimum operator comfort and visibility into workzone during operations.
  • Rugged all-metal body is superior to less durable plastic construction offered by the competition; high quality, easy to clean stainless steel work surface for lasting performance.
  • Integral safety cover (constructed of 5mm / 0.2" UV-absorbing beta radiation resistant polycarbonate - superior to conventional materials such as acrylic) with two operating positions; fully open (self-supporting with spring hinges) during normal use and fully closed during UV decontamination of work zone.
  • Powerful 253.7 nanometer 20-watt UV lamp within work zone is placed out of the operator’s line of sight for extra comfort. In addition, the placement ensures the UV lamp does not obstruct laminar downflow within workzone.
  • Effective safety features to prevent operator exposure to harmful UV rays; interlock system ensures UV lamps do not activate unless safety cover is closed; in case the cover is accidentally opened the UV lamps will also automatically deactivate.
  • Built-in warm white, electronically ballasted 5000K lighting offers excellent illumination throughout the work zone in order to reduce operator fatigue and is comfortable to the eyes. Light tubes are mounted out of the air stream for better airflow uniformity.
  • Designed to meet the safety requirements of IEC 61010-1 / EN 61010-1 / UL 61010A-1 / CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1-92. Components are UL listed / recognised.
  • Extended 3-year warranty excluding consumables and accessories.


General Specifications



External Dimensions (WxDxH)

1035 x 617 x 950 mm / 40.7" x 24.3" x 37.4"

1340 x617 x 950 mm / 52.8" x 24.3" x 37.4"

Internal Work Zone (WxDxH)

935 x 538 x 550 mm / 36.8" x 21.2" x 13.8"

1240 x 538 x 550 mm / 48.8" x 21.2" x 13.8"

Air Volume (At Initial Velocity)

815 cmh / 480 cfm

1080 cmh / 635 cfm

Laminar Airflow Velocity

Average of 0.30 m/s or 60 fpm measured 150mm / 6" from filter face for 38 air changes / minute in work zone

Standards Compliance

Individually performance tested and certified at factory under controlled conditions for :

  • General requirements : IEST-RP-CC002.2 and AS1386.5
  • Air cleanliness : ISO 14644.1 Class 4, IEST-G-CC1001, IEST-G-CC1002 and other equivalent air cleanliness requirements
  • Filter performance : IEST-RP-CC034.1, IEST-RP-CC007.1, IEST-RP-CC001.3 and EN1822
  • Electrical safety : IEC 61010-1 / EN 61010-1 / UL 61010A-1 / CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1-92

Air Cleanliness Within

Working Area

ISO 14644.1 Class 4, US Federal Standard 209E Class 2 / M2.5, AS 1386 Class 2.5, JIS B9920 Class 4, BS5295 Class D, Class M100,000 as per KS 27030.1 and other equivalent cleanliness classifications of the VDI 2083 and AFNOR X44101

Main Filter Type

H13 HEPA filter with integral metal guards and filter frame gaskets on both sides; fully compliant with EN 1822 and IEST-RP-CC001.3 requirements; Typical efficiency: 99.9998% at 0.3 microns / 99.9998% at 0.12 microns / 99.99979% at MPPS


Washable non-woven polyurethane fibers with an efficiency of 20%; framed in aluminium with an integral metal guard

Noise Level

Typically <67 dBA at initial blower speed setting measured as per IEST -RP-CC002.2 (figure based on 4 feet cabinet, subject to acoustic properties of test environment)

Light Intensity

>800 lux / >75 foot candles, measured at work surface level (zero background) as per IEST-RP-CC002.2

Main Body Construction

Electro-galvanised steel with white oven-baked epoxy powder-coated finish

Side Window Construction

Colourless and transparent UV-absorbing 5 mm / 0.2" tempered glass

Work Surface Construction

1.2mmt / 0.05" / 18 gauge stainless steel grade 304

  220-240VAC / 50Hz 1Ph 164W / 0.71A 180W / 0.78A

Max Power Consumption / Current

110-130VAC / 60Hz 1Ph

164W / 1.43A

180W / 1.57A

Power Supply Options

Choose from the following options and specify option number when ordering (e.g. PCR-4A2 for a 110-130VAC 60HZ)

1. 220-240VAC 50HZ 2. 110-130VAC 60HZ 3. 220-240VAC 60HZ 4. 110-130VAC 50HZ 5. 100-110VAC 50HZ / 60HZ

Net Weight (Approximate)

123 kgs / 271 lbs

147 kgs / 324 lbs

Max Shipping Weight

206 kgs / 454 lbs

257 kgs / 567 lbs

Max Shipping Dimensions (W x D x H)

1085 x 790 x 1300 mm / 42.7" x 31.1" x 51.2"

1390 x 790 x 1300 mm / 54.7" x 31.1" x 51.2"

Max Shipping Volume

1.11 cbm / 39.3 cbf

1.43 cbm / 50.4 cbf

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