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Jaw Crusher BB 200

Retsch jaw crushers are suitable for the rough crushing and precrushing of medium-hard, hard, brittle and hard-ductile materials. With their level of performance and safety, they are ideal for preparing samples both in laboratories and industrial plants. A distinguishing feature of the Retsch jaw crusher BB 200 is the ... more

 Meiji Techno Mettalurgical
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Meiji Techno ML8500 Metallurgical Microscopes

With incident or transmitted light, brightfield or darkfield modes, the ML8500 Metallurgical Microscopes do it all. ML8500 Series models are available in binocular or trinocular with other optional equipment that our dealers can use to tailor a system to meet you particular needs.

Available with erect image binocular heads, and non-erect image trinocular heads for photomicrography (erect-image trinocular head optional). All have 30 inclined eyetubes with adjustable diopter settings and interpupillary distance from 52mm to 72mm, 360 rotatable.

Paired DIN KHW10x, FN 20.

Smooth-operating, ball bearing mounted, quadruple nosepiece.

Infinity corrected S. Planachromat brightfield/darkfield 4x, 10x, 20x, and 40x standard, 60x optional.

Flat-top stage: 172mm x 130mm surface with 94.5mm diameter clear glass insert to allow transmitted illumination; 100mm (X) by 100mm (Y) movement, drop-down right-handed coaxial controls.

Transmitted illuminator: Built-in 6V 30W halogen, variable-intensity, full Koehler illuminator.

Incident illuminator: 12V 50W halogen, variable-intensity, full Koehler vertical illuminator with field iris, aperture iris, and filter slots. Includes clear blue, clear green, polarizing, and neutral density (ND8) filters in mounts.

Product Information





Mechanical Stage



Erect image binocular

KHWF 10x FN 20

Brightfield/darkfield S .Plan MET4X, MET10X, MET20X, MET40X

Flat-top with drop-down coaxial controls and glass stage plate

12V 50W halogen Vertical Koehler and 6V 30W halogen Transmitted Koehler


Non-erect image Trinocular

Accessories for ML8500 Series

Viewing Heads

Part Number

MA657/05 Inclined Binocular Head, Erect Image with de-polarizer
MA603/05 Inclined Trinocular Head, Non-Erect Image with 80/20 beam splitter & de-polarizer
MA655/05 Trinocular Head, Erect Image with 0/100 beam splitter & de-polarizer


MA406 DIN HWF10X eyepiece, FN 18 (each)
MA489 DIN HWF12.5X eyepiece, FN 15 (each)
MA407 DIN KHW10X compensating eyepiece, FN 20 (each)
MA408 DIN HWF15X eyepiece, FN 12.2 (each)
MA409 DIN HWF20X eyepiece, FN 9.2 (each)
MA413 DIN HWF10X focusing eyepiece, FN 18 (each)
MA414 Filar micrometer eyepiece with inclined monocular head


MA275/100 Vertical Koehler Illuminator 115volt, 12V 50W halogen lamp with blue clear, green clear, yellow, ND2 & ND8 neutral density and polarizing filters. Transformer and spare bulb included.
MA275/200 Vertical Koehler Illuminator 220volt, 12V 50W halogen lamp with blue clear, green clear, yellow, ND2 & ND8 neutral density and polarizing filters. Transformer and spare bulb included.

BD S.Plan Metallurgical Objectives

MA331 MET4X / NA 0.10 BD S.Plan objective, infinity corrected
MA332 MET10X / NA 0.25 BD S.Plan objective, infinity corrected
MA333 MET20X / NA 0.40 BD S.Plan objective, infinity corrected
MA334 MET40X / NA 0.65 BD S.Plan objective, infinity corrected
MA335 MET60X / NA 0.80 BD S.Plan objective, infinity corrected


MA275/05 12V 50W halogen lamp
MA685 De-polarizer in mount, 17mm diameter (for MA657 head)
MA673 De-polarizer in mount, 19mm diameter (for MA603 head)
MA686 Adapter to mount RMS thread objective to BD nosepiece
MA327 Fuse 3A
MA701 Dust Cover
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