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Monday, June 18th, 2018  
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GP200 R High performance refrigerated bath

The Grant OptimaTM GP200 series of digitally controlled refrigerated baths and re-circulators provides outstanding performance for routine and sophisticated applications requiring accurate temperature control in the range of -47 to 100C. Grant GP200 series refrigerated systems combine the powerful and versatile ... more

 Meiji Techno Polarizing
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Meiji Techno ML9000 Series Microscopes

Polarizing microscopes are extremely useful for specialized medical and industrial applications, such as identifying crystals suspended in liquid, identifying minerals in core samples and detecting defects in semiconductors or finding stress points in metal, glass and other materials.

Higher image contrast can be attained by using the Senarmont compensator to change the retardation level (crystals, living organisms, etc.) in the entire field of view.


  • HWF10X & HWF10XF eyepieces with reticle
  • SM Plan objectives 4X, 10X, 40XS
  • Graduated 360 rotatable stage with vernier
  • Abbe condenser NA1.25 with iris, holder & blue filter
  • Rotatable polarizer with analyzer
  • Bertrand lens in sliding mount
  • Koehler Halogen 6V 30W illuminator
  • Model ML9300 is the same as ML9200 but with trinocular head and beam splitter.
  • Model ML9100 is the same as ML9200 but with monocular head.

Technical Specifications ML9000 Series










HWF10x and HWF10x w/crossline

Strain-free SM.Plan 4x, 10x, S40x

Rotatable, centerable, circular stage w/clips

Strain-free NA 1.25 achromatic w/ iris diaphragm and rack and pinion focusing

Koehler Illuminator 6V 30W halogen transmitted





Components and Accessories for ML9000 Series


Part Number Description
MA406 DIN HWF10X eyepiece, FN: 18mm (each)
MA413CP DIN focusing HWF10X eyepiece with cross-line and guide pin (each)

POL Objectives

MA641 SM Plan strain free objective 4X, NA: 0.10
MA642 SM Plan strain free objective 10X, NA: 0.25
MA643 SM Plan strain free objective 20XS, NA: 0.40
MA644 SM Plan strain free objective 40XS, NA: 0.65
MA645 SM Plan strain free objective 60Xs, NA: 0.85
MA646 SM Plan strain free objective 100XS, NA: 1.25 oil


MA299 Attachable mechanical stage for ML9000 / ML9400 series
MA326 Replacement halogen bulb 6V 30W
MA327 Replacement fuse 3A
MA469 1/4 wave-length test plate in sliding mount
MA654 Quartz wedge, 6-order
MA654N Quartz wedge, 6-order graduated
MA470 First order red compensating plate in sliding mount
MA471 Replacement analyzer in sling mount for ML9000 / ML9400 series
MA901 Replacement graduated rotatable analyzer for ML9700 series
MA477 Replacement Bertrand lens in sliding mount for ML9000 / ML9400 series
MA904 Senarmont Compensator
MA665 Strain free achromatic polarizing condenser NA: 1.25 with iris diaphragm
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