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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018  
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2000kN Capacity

2,000kN (400,000lbf) Super "L"  The 2,000kN (400,000 lbf) Super L model features our patented dual pressure hydraulic loading system and a rugged four column construction for exceptional load frame rigidity. The machine has an operating range from 800 lbf to 400,000 lbf and maintains an accuracy of +/- 0.5% of the ... more

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WTW System 182 IQ SENSOR NET Family

A compact two-channel monitor for single measuring points...

IQ SENSOR NET System 182 – digital and universal

The new on-line measuring System 182 is a remarkably compact two-channel monitor with integrated power supply, controller, operating unit, analog outputs and relays or optional digital outputs.

This system is particularly suitable as a replacement or supplement for single measuring points in existing water and wastewater treatment plants:

  • For two IQ sensors at user’s choice
  • A total of 19 different sensors available
  • All parameters, from pH, ORP, D.O., conductivity, temperature and turbidity/suspended solids to the nutrient parameters ammonium, nitrate and COD can be measured directly in the process
  • Integrated wide-range power supply unit (110–240 VAC) or 24 V version
  • Digital PROFIBUS or Modbus output
  • Analog version with 2 analog outputs and 3 relays

Typical applications, e.g. control of nitrification/denitrification can be covered with one single System 182: Just connect the D.O. and the ammonium or nitrate sensor and you will instantly obtain the data to control your process!

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