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Wednesday, June 26th, 2019  
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 UVIKON Double Beam Spectropotometer
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UVIKON XS Spectrophotometer

Routine Power in UV/Vis Spectroscopy

The UVIKON Simplicity Concept represents the first Spectrophotometer Series featuring Advanced Digital Signal Processing Technology. ADSP ensures reliable data acquisition, a superb sensitivity level to allow linear measurements even at high OD values, and a very low instrument noise. Uvikon XS in combination with the easy to use Windows compatible LabPower Junior software package supports the entire range of daily routine applications.


  • 100% symmetric true double beam technology for high data precision and stability
  • Rotating Mirror (Chopper) System to achieve reliable data even in concentrated samples

Sample Compartment

  • 140 mm depth, 332 mm width, 162 mm height, with 120 mm beam separation
  • Total and easy access: front top and back covers are quickly removable
  • Three point positioning of accessories for high reproducibility of results
  • Quartz windows at the beam entrance and exit to the sample compartment prevent the optics from being contaminated

Optical Design

  • Well proven true symmetric double beam optics with only 6 reflecting surfaces per beam
  • High-Energy diffraction Zeiss™ Monochromator Design using a holographic blazed grating with 1300 lines per mm
  • Very sensitive photodiode with a rotating all-reflective chopper mirror providing 100% energy in sample and reference beams plus dark current correction
  • External source bench providing thermal insulation with optical bench and isolation of the whole photometric assembly against contamination by ozone emitted by deuterium lamp
  • Optical bench base manufactured to a tolerance of 0.01 mm in 1 meter
  • Complete optical system sealed against atmospheric contamination from dust and volatile compounds
Technical specifications

Wavelength range
Wavelength step
Scan speed
Transfer speed
Spectral bandwidth
Wavelength accuracy, D2 peak
Wavelength precision, Holmium Oxide
Baseline flatness, 200-800 nm,
Stray light, NaI, 220 nm, 1.8 nm
Linearity, 250 nm, 1.8 nm
Photometric range
Photometric accuracy @ 590 nm
Photometric precision @ 590 nm
Noise (RMS) measured @ 580nm
Drift, 580 nm
Response time
Light sources
Mains Power
Power Consumption

190-1100 nm
0.05-10 nm
5-2000 nm/min
5000 nm/min
1.8 nm (fixed)
± 0.3 nm
± 0.03 nm
± 1 mAbs
= 0.03 %T
3.0 Abs, (r2 = 0.999)
± 3.5 Abs
± 3.0 mAbs
± 0.5 mAbs
Better than 30 µ Abs
< 0.1 mAbs/h
0.02-5 sec
Deuterium and Tungsten-Halogen lamp
High energy low stray light diffraction grating
W 680 mm x D 565 mm x H 275 mm
35 Kg net
100/240VAC ±10% 50/60 Hz
Max. 200 VA
Ordering information
70/99-90289 UVIKON XS CE version
70/99-90382 UVIKON XS UL/CSA version
Standard delivery
LabPower Junior Software Package, Standard Thermostattable Cell Holder compatible with Micro and Ultra Micro Cells, Accessory Controller to allow connection of all UVIKON accessories, operation manual.
Configuration requirements
  • Pentium PC with 64 MB of RAM, 50 MB of free disk space, 1 free RS232 Port and Windows NT Operating System, Desktop Computer or Notebook.
  • Optional printer: all standard Windows Printers
  • Thermostattable standard cell holder directly useable with micro and ultramicro cells for small samples
  • Large family of optional Quick Lock accessories including a variety of cell holders, stirrer, thermostattable automatic cell changer, temperature sensor, thermostatable sipper, Thermopack and Thermosystem (Peltier Technology)
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UVIKON XL Spectrophotometer

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UVIKON Double Beam Spectropotometer
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