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Monday, June 17th, 2019  
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GD100 R series Refrigerated bath

The Grant Optima™ GD100 R series of refrigerated baths and re-circulators with digital control provides excellent value for money for straightforward applications requiring accurate heating and cooling in the temperature range of 0 to 100°C. The  Grant GD100 immersion thermostat incorporates Intelligent Control ... more

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Cold technique for nitrogen quantification in liquid

This new technique is rapid (about 10 minutes), non corrosive (without acid or heating) and economic (limited consumables) and uses an oxidation system through " hard " UV coverage to convert nitrogenous form in to nitrate.

After the UV oxidation of the solution in the OXI 50 module, nitrate can be read by usual chemical dosage or within a few seconds by direct reading thanks to SECOMAM PASTEL UV or ANTHELIE spectrophotometers.

According to the PH conditions, the OXI 50 can measure total or ammoniac nitrogen.

This technique provides results that are completely consistent with the reference method (CV>97%) with a 1mg/L sensitivity. This instrument, compact, easy to use and without any danger, replaces KJELDAHL systems in environmental, chemical or agrifood laboratory

Prediction of a liquid sample biodegradability

Facing a potentially polluting sample or effluent, a laboratory can only use DB05 to standardize its biodegradability.

With OXI 50, SECOMAM offers an alternating technique of the biodegradability estimation : the UV photo degradability.

This photo degradability checks the organic molecule resistance towards degradation. Within one or two hours of UV raying in the OXI 50, the system calculates the organic substance level decrease in the sample, this rate is directly proportional to the solution biodegradability.

This correlation, tested in many fields is about 90% and any inaccurate result was detected.
This new technique, rapid and easy to set, is used in both environmental laboratory and in new molecules resistance screening in research or industrial treatment.

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70MP0414 OXI-50 analyzer
Standard delivery
Analyzer OXI-50 , External power transformer 230V / 50Hz, manuel d'utilisation, 5 x 10 mm Quartz cuvette. protection case
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