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Wednesday, June 26th, 2019  
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Peak 1998 Light Scale Loupe

Peak Light Scale Loupe with light 10x. Widely known as a simple and accurate comparator with improved inspection capabilities. The Peak Light Scale Loupe consists of the magnifying unit and a section to insert two dry cell batteries with a connnector in between. Any of the sections can be detached. Supplied with standard ... more

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Opacity Charts

The term “Opacity Chart”, as used in this catalog, refers to charts on which the test pattern is a simple combination of black and white areas, large enough for wide aperture reflectance instruments, as well as for visual opacity and color observations. Leneta opacity charts comply with all test methods specifying charts of such design.



Form No. Box Quantity Boxes per Case Box Weight
2A 250 6 6 lb
2C 250 4 9 lb
3B 250 4 9 lb
5C 250 4 9 lb
14H 125 4 11 lb
15H 125 4 11 lb
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Spreading Rate Charts

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