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Wednesday, April 24th, 2019  
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Refractometer MASTER-URC/NM

The MASTER-URC/NM is designed for measuring Specific gravity of urine. Specific gravity of urine can be measured with only one drop of urine. It is very simple to use, and very easy to carry. The plastic body model is designed to be resistant salty and acidic samples. The MASTER-URC/NM is a good alternative choice when ... more

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Release Paper

Release Paper - For preparing free films of organic coatings

This paper is sealed on both sides, one side glossy and the other matte. The glossy side has a silicone finish with balanced release, to avoid excessive crawling of solventborne or waterborne coatings, while permitting easy stripping of dried films. It is recommended in ASTM D 4708 “Standard Practice for Preparation of Uniform Free Films of Organic Coatings” and can be used to prepare test films for ASTM D 2370 “Tensile Strength of Organic Coatings”, ASTM D 1653 “Water Vapor Transmission of Organic Coatings Films”, and other free-film test methods.

Form No. Size Thickness Box Quantity  Boxes Per Case  Weight Per Box
RP-1K  8-5/8 x 11-1/4 in
219 x 286 mm
 5 mil
127 ìm
250  4 8 lb


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