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Monday, September 16th, 2019  
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Spray Monitors

Self-Adhering Hiding Power Labels

These are pressure sensitive labels with a hiding power test pattern and a sealed, solvent-resistant surface. They are used primarily with metal panels on which the uniform surface provides no visual clue as to the thickness of an applied paint film. When placed on such a surface the Monitor presents a contrasting feature by which to observe the hiding during spray application, thereby facilitating film thickness control. It adheres firmly whether air-dried or baked, to present a permanent visual record of film opacity. The longer Monitors, M71 and M72, permit wedge application, with thickness and hiding power determination, as described with Spray Strips.

Size 2 x 2 in 51 x 5 mm

Also Available:Red & Gray Form M12-RG
Form M33-RG

Size 1 x 1 in 25 x 25 mm

Form M12-BG
Black & Gray

Form M33
Black & White
Form M33-BG Black & Gray Form M12
Black & White

Form # Items per Box Boxes per Case Weight per Box
M12 2000 4 2 lb
M33 500 4 2 lb
M71, 72 500 4 6 lb

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