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Friday, February 22nd, 2019  
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Peak 1985 Steinheil System Magnifier

The magnifier of the Steinheil type is composed of a biconvex lens with strong curvatures made of crown glass and two negative meniscus lenses of flint glass cemented on both sides of the central positive component. These magnifiers of various magnifying powers have been long and widely used for preliminary ... more

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Spray Strips

Hiding Power Charts for OEM Coatings

These are used by industrial coatings laboratories, principally those involved with the automotive industry, to measure the hiding power of spraying enamels. The chart is attached to a steel panel and the test coating sprayed to produce a “wedge” varying from thin at one end to thick at the other. After drying, a location on the chart of adequate visual hiding or 0.98 contrast ratio is determined, and the film thickness measured electronically on the steel panel adjacent to that location. Conversely, a location of specified thickness is determined on the steel panel and the Contrast Ratio measured adjacent to that location.

Also available in Red & Gray (Form S71-RG)

500 per box 4 boxes per case box wt. 5 lb
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