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Monday, September 16th, 2019  
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TME - Digital Torque Meter

Table top, manual load, digital torque meter ideal for cap testing. Select proper model according to unit of measure as following color code : S.I. = Metric = ... more

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Release Charts

For rapid and precise hiding power measurements.

These charts have a unique surface which is readily wetted by waterborne or solventborne paints, but from which the dried film can easily* be stripped with adhesive tape. The stripping feature permits the dry film weight on a measured area to be determined precisely by weighing on an analytical balance before and after film removal. The spreading rate (H) and wet film thickness (T) can then be calculated from the following simple relationships:

A(cm2) . N . D (kg/L)
H(m2/L) = ----------------------
10 M(g)

H(ft2/gal) = 40.746H(m2/L)

H(ft2/gal) x T (mils) = 1604.2

where: H = spreading rate (m2/L), (ft2/gal).
T = wet film thickness (m), (mils)
A = test area (cm2)
D = paint density (kg/L)
M = dry film weight (g)
N = non-volatile fraction by weight of the applied paint

This procedure represents a break-through in reduced time for precise measurement of spreading rate (or wet film thickness) in the determination of hiding power.

* Not so easily as to produce undamaged free films. For that purpose use Form RP-1K release paper.


Form Color Dimensions Box Quantity Boxes Per Case Weight Per Box
RC-5C Black White 7-5/8 x 10-1/4 inch194 x 260 mm 250 4 9 lb
RC-BC All Black 7-5/8 x 10-1/4 inch 194 x 260 mm 250 4 9 lb
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