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Wednesday, June 26th, 2019  
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 Titrations and Piston Burette
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TitroLine KF Karl Fischer Titrator

In addition to electrodes and electrochemical measuring instruments such as pH meters, conductivity meters, oxygen measuring instruments SCHOTT Instruments has been developing and selling piston burettes, and automatic titrators - also for determination of water content according to Karl Fischer. We have invested this experience and competence into the development of the TitroLine KF. The new TitroLine KF is an exclusive KF titrator with an excellent cost-benefit relation, very compact, specialized quick, and thus exactly the right appliance to determine the water content of your sample.

The fields of application of the TitroLine KF include almost all areas of industry.

  • In the pharmaceutical industry the water content of tablets is determined because tablets stick if they contain too much water and they easily crumble if they contain too little water.
  • In the chemical industry the water content is a fundamental quality factor not only for high-purity solvents but in any area of production control as well as in incoming and final inspection.
  • In the food industry the water content of butter is determined because otherwise there may be problems with the microbiological constitution.
  • In the oil industry the water content decides the usability of the oils.
  • Blister packs of plastic must have a defined water content, otherwise it can be difficult to take out things such as tablets.

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Titrations and Piston Burette
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