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Monday, June 17th, 2019  
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MASTER series Refractometer (Automatic Temperature Compensation & Water Resistant) MASTER-80H

MASTER-80H is heat resistant model of the MASTER-Series. The MASTER-80H is the successor model of the conventional model H-80. The MASTER-80H is developed for measuring high-temperature samples at their respective production sites. Moreover, the MASTER-80H has a longer service life as compared with conventional ... more

 Titrations and Piston Burette
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TitriSoft 2.6 Titration Software

The new titration software, TitriSoft 2.6, is the optimum solution for your titration tasks. Using the software, which operates under WINDOWS 95/98/ME and WINDOWS NT/2000/XP, you can connect various SCHOTT Instruments equipment units (hardware configurations) to the PC in your laboratory in order to support and simplify your daily work procedure during sample preparations, titrations and evaluation of results. The structure of the software was selected so that it is cleare and logical to users of all training levels. During the installation step, TitriSoft 2.6 automatically recognises whether you are working with a German or with an English WINDOWS version and whill then install the correct language version on its own. For all other languages, the English is automatically installed.


Connection Options

TitriSoft 2.6 allows you to control the following equipment:

  • titrators (TitroLine alpha plus, TitroLine alpha, TR 280)
  • sample changers (TW alpha plus, TW alpha, TW 280)
  • Burettes (TITRONIC 110 plus, TITRONIC universal, TITRONIC 110, TITRONIC 200, TITRONIC 97)
  • balances

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TitroLine alpha plus Automatic Titrator
TW alpha plus Titrator Sample Changer
TITRONIC 110 plus Piston Burette Tittrator
TITRONIC basic Titration Burette
TITRONIC universal Titrator

Hotplate and Stirrer
Titrations and Piston Burette
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