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Sunday, January 26th, 2020  
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Peak 2051 Hand Microscope

Peak pocket microscopes, small in size and light in weight, have had high reputation for a long time as the article of high-resolution power and brightness. After its appearance in the market, we have added to them as a variation the measuring (a function to measure) and EIM (a function to measure ... more

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ViscoClock. - Time is Money

The ViscoClock is the economically priced introductory model in the field of automatic viscosity measurements. Manual measurements with a stopwatch and a trained eye is therefore something of the past because time is money.

The Viscoclock is an electronic time-measuring unit used to determine absolute and relative viscosity. It consists of a stand which is used to mount a viscometer or the electronic measuring unit. The two measuring levels are integrated in the stand made of high-quality PPA synthetic material, and the electronic measuring unit is included in a PP casing. The large LCD display allows the measured values to be read off easily

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ViscoSystemŽ AVS 470
ViscoSystem AVS 370

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