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Wednesday, December 12nd, 2018  
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Q-Sun B02 Xenon Lightfastness Tester

The new rotating rack Q-Sun B02 xenon lightfastness tester provides precise control of critical textile test parameters. These include spectrum, irradiance, relative humidity, chamber temperature and black standard temperature. This model is designed specifically to be an affordable lightfastness tester that meets the ... more

 Analytical balances
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Analytical Balances AS/X

Balances series AS/X represent standard level of analytical balances. They are equipped with backlit graphic display. Accuracy and precise measurement of the balances are determined by automatic internal calibration, dependant on time and temperature changes.

Analytical balances AS/X series are offered with following capacities: 110, 160, 220, 310 g with readability of 0,1 mg.
AS/X balances are equipped with optional pipette calibration.

GLP procedure of these balances is a report from calibration process of the balance, and this information has unchangeable shape (no modification possible).
User has access to big measuring chamber with sliding doors and sliding top glass. Each balance is equipped with RS 232 output and possibility of connection of additional display as standard.

Balances are equipped with possibility of weighing loads outside the main weighing platform (so called under hook weighing). This means of mass measuring is an alternative for loads with non-standard dimensions and shapes and those which create magnetic field. Under hook weighing is also applied for density determination procedures.


Technical data:

AS 110/X

AS 160/X

AS 220/X

AS 310/X

Max capacity

110 g

160 g

220 g

310 g

Minima load

10 mg

10 mg

10 mg

10 mg


0,1 mg

0,1 mg

0,1 mg

0,1 mg

Tare range

-110 g

-160 g

-220 g

-310 g


0,1 mg

0,1 mg

0,1 mg

0,2 mg


▒0,2 mg

▒0,2 mg

▒0,2 mg

▒0,3 mg

Pan size

dia. 85 mm

Stabilization time

3,5 s

Sensitivity drift

2 ppm/░C in temperature +15░ to +35░C

Working temperature

+10░ to +45░C

Power supply

230V 50Hz AC / 11V AC


internal (automatic)


LCD with backlight

Net weight/Gross weight

5,5/8,2 kg

5,6/8,3 kg

5,6/8,3 kg

5,6/8,3 kg

Packaging size

495 x 385 x 515 mm

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Analytical Balances AS

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Analytical balances
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