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Monday, June 17th, 2019  
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DIGITAL DISPLAY WITH ANALOG GRAPH! BACKGROUND NOISE ABSORBER ! MAX / MIN RECORD, MAX HOLD ! RS232 INTERFACE ! MEETS IEC 651, TYPE 2 CLASS ! Feature Meets IEC 651;ANSI S1.4, type2 standard Quasi-Analog bar indicator:1dB display steps, 50dB display range, updated every 50ms. Measurement ... more

 Hotplate and Stirrer
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Hotplate Stirrer SLR

Using our new SCHOTT Instruments laboratory stirrer with heating, the process of mixing liquids can be selected from careful to intense, and the device can be also be used for speedy heating up or controlled temperature adaptation. All functions can be viewed and monitored on the large, clear LCD display. The stirrer speed range from 100 to 1000/min and can be set in steps of 10/min. The heating power can be set in 24 steps and reaches an average heating output of 0.9 kW at step 24. If a Pt 1000 temperature sensor is connected which enable a temperature control between 25C to 200C at an accuracy level of +/- 2 to 5C as a function of liquid volume, heat capacity and ambient temperature. The display will inform the user at intervals of 5 s about the actual and the set temperature.

Technical Specification SLR
Heating power (kW) 0.9
Heated zone (mm) D=155
Min. time to boiling point of 1l water* (min) approx. 15
Hot plate material glass ceramic
Hot plates area (mm) 235 x 235
Temperature-sensor connector yes, Pt 1000
Setting accuracy with temperature sensor (C) 1
Controlling accuracy with temperature sensor (C)** +/- 2 to 5
Digital set/actual temperature display yes
Max. rpm 100 - 1100
Setting accuracy rpm 10
Max. stirring volume (l water) 20
Digital set/actual rpm display yes
Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm 370 x 240 x 85
Order No. 230V 28 541 6373
Order No. 115V *** 28 541 6279
  • * Measured in 3l glass beaker at 25C ambient temperature and 1bar air pressure

  • ** Depending on liquid quantity, heat capacity, and ambient temperature

  • *** The above measurement variables may deviate slightly when using the 115V versio

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Hotplate and Stirrer
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