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Friday, June 22nd, 2018  
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Autoclave ES series

Reliable & Speedy Sterilization A top-open lid, which can be operated easily with a single hand or foot, is provided with the SX autoclaves. To open the lid, the lid lock is released by stepping on the foot pedal locates at the bottom while pressing the lid down. The lid can be opened with minimal effort owing to ... more

 Hotplate and Stirrer
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SLK 6 Multi Hotplate

The multiple talents hotplates with two heating areas is especially for laboratories with wide ranging tasks to perform. The hotplate combines a powerful heating plate (1.2 kW) on the left side and a heating plate (0.5 kW) with a stirrer on the right side. The heater and the stirrer can be adjusted in 9 steps. The speed of the stirrer range from 100 to 1000/min. Owing to the possibility of connecting a Pt 1000 temperature sensor, heating on the stirrer side can be done in a temperature-controlled range between 35C and 199C at an accuracy level of +/- 2 to 5C, depending on the amount of liquid, heat capacity and ambient temperature. The set and the actual temperature can be monitored on the LED display.

Technical Specification SLK 6
Heating power (kW) 1.2; 0.5
Heated zone (mm) D=165; 145 x 145
Min. time to boiling point of 1l water* (min) approx. 7
Hot plate material glass ceramic
Hot plates area (mm) 430 x 280
Dimensions (LxWxH) in mm 395 x 445 x 110
Order No. 230V 28 541 6365
Order No. 115V ** 28 541 6262
* Measured in 3l glass beaker at 25C ambient temperature and 1bar air pressure
** The above measurement variables may deviate slightly when using the 115V version
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Hotplate Stirrer SLH, SLS, SLHS
Hotplate SLK1
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Hotplate Stirrer SLR

Hotplate and Stirrer
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