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Tuesday, July 07th, 2020  
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 Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit Elmasonic E
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Elmasonic E Ultrasonic Cleaner Bath

The new Elmasonic E units are available in 8 different sizes ranging from 0,5 litres to 28 litres. State of the art micro-
processor controlled ultrasonic cleaning and sweep technology, easy to use.

Further advantages:
● high performance 37 kHz sandwich transducer systems
● cleaning tank made of cavitation-resistant stainless steel
● permanent sweep function for an optimised sound field distribution in the cleaning liquid by frequency modulation
● user-friendly and clear operating panel, splash water proof
● LED-Display for ultrasonic function and heating function
● Turning knob for setting continued and short-period operation from 1 to 30 min.
● temperature-controlled ultrasonic operation
● dry-run protected heating
● Turning knob temperature. Temperature range variable in 5°C steps from 30° up to 80°C
● plug-in mains supply

Model Tank
Tank internal dimensions

Litre Gal W x D x H mm W x D x H in
E10H 0.8 0.2 190x85x60 7.5x3.3x2.4
E15H 1.75 0.5 151x137x100 5.9x5.4x3.9
E30H 2.75 0.7 240x137x100 9.4x5.4x3.9
E60H 5.75 1.5 300x151x150 11.8x5.9x5.9
E70H 6.9 1.8 505x137x100 19.9x5.4x3.9
E100H 9.5 2.5 300x240x150 11.8x9.4x5.9
E120H 12.75 3.4 300x240x200 11.8x9.4x7.9
E180H 18 4.8 327x300x200 12.9x11.8x7.9
E300H 28 7.4 505x300x200 19.9x11.8x7.9

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