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Friday, January 18th, 2019  
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 Tinius Olsen Impact System
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Model IT504 Impact Tester for Plastics

Model IT504 includes the Model 104 Digital Display/Controller for a high degree of flexibility, accuracy & test data resolution to meet all testing needs. Pick and choose optional fixtures and weights to meet the testing requirements of your material.

This system does not require a separate PC and software in order to operate. However, a data acquisition/machine control software package is available as an option.

  • Conforms to ASTM Methods D256 and D6110; ISO Standards 179 & 180.
  • Aerodynamically designed compound pendulum of the IT504 provides maximum rigidity in the direction of impact and virtually eliminates windage losses. Pendulum capacity is easily changed by adding on any one of seven optional weight sets.
  • User-programmable Model 104 Display/Controller has electroluminescent display of specimen dimensions, energy and force units in SI, old Metric or English system units.
  • Automatic report generation with optical serial printer.
  • "Low-Blow" feature provides a convenient and reliable method for releasing the pendulum from lower than "standard" drop heights for testing at lower impact velocities and energy levels.
  • Accessories available for purchase include fixtures for Izod & Charpy testing, additional weights to increase the energy capacity of the pendulum, Model PI-T Cold Temperature Chamber or Model PI-T-H Hot/Cold Temperature Chamber, printer, WindowsTM based data acquisition/machine control software package. An instrumented impact system is also available for research & development applications.

Technical References: ASTM D 256 (Izod Impact); ASTM D 6110 (Charpy Impact); ISO 179 (Charpy Impact); ISO 180 (Izod Impact); D 4812 (Unnotched Cantilever Beam Impact); D 4508 (Chip Impact); D 950 (Adhesive Bond Impact)

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