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Monday, September 16th, 2019  
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BTD Dry block heaters

BTD is ideal for rapid and precise heating of 2.0ml,1.5ml, 0.5ml and 0.2ml microtubes. The distinctive circular block holds a combination of the four microtube sizes simultaneously, accommodating up to 49 samples. Rapid heat up, from 25ºC to 37ºC in just over 2 minutes, enables swift change of application for maximum ... more

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ATAGO Digital Hand-held Refractometer PAL

Digital Hand-held

ATAGO Digital Hand-held "Pocket" Refractometer PAL is a completely new and redesigned digital hand-held instrument that will change the traditional conceptions of refractometers. The PAL-1's surprisingly compact size allows you to easily carry it around and use it indoors as well as outdoors. The size, design, function and performance will surprise you. The PAL-1 with expand your range of measuring possibilities.

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TOMY Autoclave SX series

InTrac® 777-SLM

Valve Assembly for Sensor Insertion/Retraction

For many years InTrac® valve assemblies have been successfully used for in-line pH measurement in industrial process applications. The devices are designed for installation in pipes or vessels, and permit manual insertion and retraction of the pH sensor without ... more

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