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 Clinical Refractometer ATAGO
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Refractometer MASTER-SUR/Nα

The MASTER-SUR/Nα is designed for clinical purposes: "Serum Protein", "Specific Gravity of Urine" and "Refractive Index". The plastic body model is designed to be resistant salty and acidic samples. It is an Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) model with water resistant properties (IP65).

Model MASTER-SUR/Nα Cat.No. 2771
Scale range Urine S.G. scale :
1.000 to 1.060
Serum protein scale :
0.0 to 12.0g / 100ml
Refractive index scale
(nD) : 1.3330 to 1.3660
(Automatic Temperature Compensation)
Minimum scale Urine S.G. scale : 0.001
Serum protein scale : 0.2g / 100ml
Refractive index scale (nD) 0.0005
Measurement Accuracy Urine S.G. scale : ±0.001
Serum protein scale :
±0.2g / 100ml
Refractive index scale (nD) ±0.0005
(10 to 30°C)
International Protection Class  IP65 (except eye piece)
Dust-tight and Protected against water jets.
Size & Weight 3.3×3.3×20.4cm, 100g
Optional • Daylight plate for small volume samplings for MASTER series : RE-2311-55M (Except viscosity sample)
Parts Daylight plate for MASTER series : RE-2311-54M

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