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Tuesday, January 16th, 2018  
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BTA Block heaters

The low cost BTA dry block heater is intended for the precision heating of microtubes. Its unique circular block accommodates a combination of three standard microtube sizes. The BTA is simple to use and it is ideal for a variety of life science applications. The BTA block heater offers Fixed block suitable for ... more

 Tomy Flexpin Bench-Top Centrifuge
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Specification LC-200 / LC-220 / LC-230

Model LC-200 LC-220 LC-230
Maximum Speed 9,000rpm
Maximum RCF 9,600G
Maximum Capacity 480ml (15ml x 32) 1,200ml (15ml x 80)
Speed Control Microprocessor
Drive System Flex-Spin Drive System
Data Entry Jog Dial
Speed Display/ Display Range Digital / 0 to 9,990rpm
Setting Range 300 to 9,000rpm
Control Precision Setting Speed +/-50rpm
Force Display/ Display Range Digital / 0 to 9,990G
Setting Range

10 to 9,600G
(Less than 100G : Units of 10G, More than 100G : Units 100G)

Time Display/ Display Range Digital / 0 to 99 minutes, or Cotinuous
Setting Range 1 to 99 minutes, or Continuous
Precision Within 0.1% or 1 second
Other Function 3 Acceleration and Deceleration Steps(LC-220/230)/2 Deceleration Steps(LC-200),
Rotor Speed Automatic Setting with BART Code, Previous Setting Memory,
5 Memory Stores(LC-220/230)/2 Memory Stores (LC-200)
Safety Devices Imbalance Detector, Scatter Containing Lid System, Rotor Identification System,
Lid Interlock System, Lid Detector, Overspeed Detector,
Motor Overheat Detection, Overcurrent Detection, Circuit Detector
Required Environment Room Temperature : 6 to 35 degree C, Relative Humidity : 30 to 85 %
Dimentions 420W x 528(projection 95)D x 337H mm 440W x 544(projection 95)D x 362H mm 484W x 582(projection 95)D x 365H mm
Height to the Chamber : 300 mm Height to the Chamber : 325 mm Height to the Chamber : 328 mm
Net Weight Approx. 46 kg Approx. 50 kg Approx. 54 kg
Power Required 110/120V, 15A, 50/60Hz
220/230/240V, 8A, 50/60Hz
Consumptive Electric Power 470 W 600 W 730 W
Accessories Included Operator's Manual, Rotor Nut, Warranty Card, Customer Card, BART Code Table


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Model LC-200 / LC-220 / LC-230

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