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Sunday, February 26th, 2017  
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MASTER series Refractometer MASTER-53M

MASTER-53M is wide range model (measurement range Brix 0.0 to 53.0%) of the MASTER-M. The MASTER-53M is the successor model of the conventional model, N-50E. Measurement range becomes wider from the N-50E. The MASTER-53M is a good alternative choice when the water resistant feature is not a priority and the ... more

 Tomy Flexpin Bench-Top Centrifuge
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Model LC-200 / LC-220 / LC-230

Features :

  • Small Footprint
  • Quick Start / Stop
  • Large Capacity
  • Safe Operation
Model LC-200 LC-220 LC-230
9,000rpm / 9,600G(TLA-11)
(15ml x 32)
(15ml x 80)

Flex-Spin Drive created new centrifuge standard.

Easy-Mount Rotors
Tomy offers a wide selection of Easy-Mount Rotors for the Flexpin Bench-top centrifuges. These rotors install and remove with the turn of a knob and the selection covers most of the commonly used centrifuge labware.

Flex-Spin Drive
The Flex-Spin Drive features a flexible motor shaft that equalizes minor imbalances without damaging the centrifuge or triggering the imbalance protection system. This allows excellent tolerance for minor difference in sample volumes.

Superior Imbalance Protection
Tomy has developed a unique concept in imbalance protection based on the kinetic energy generated by the entire rotational system including the motor, rotor, buckets and adapters. This system, with its expanded inputs, is capable of detecting a severe imbalance within a few seconds after the centrifuge is started.

Higher Speeds for Microplates
The TS-38LB rotor and B438-96 buckets spin four 96-well microplates at 4,200 rpm generating 3,100G - sufficient for microplate based ethanol extractions of DNA.

High-Speed Fixed Angle Rotor
The TLA-11 Fixed Angle Rotor is a high-speed rotor that takes up to six 35 to 50 ml conical centrifuge tubes, and generates up to 9,600G. The maximum speeds will depend on the tube manufacturers' specifications.

Flat Tabletop
No Chamber Gasket on the tabletop provides easy sample load.

SaFety Devices

1. Imbalance Detector

6. Overspeed Detector

2. Scatter Containing Lid System

7. Motor Overheat Detection

3. Rotor Identification System

8. Overcurrent Detection

4. Lid Interlock System

9. Circuit Detector

5. Lid Detector


The operation panel is easy to use and read.

  • Programmable memory stores are provided.
  • Speeds are programmable in RPM or g values.
  • Common Jog-Dial and digital display simplify the control panel. 3 Acceleration and Deceleration steps (LC-220/230)


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Specification LC-200 / LC-220 / LC-230
Rotor Specifications

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