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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018  
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Anti-Sag Meter

USED IN ASTM D4400, TEST METHOD FOR SAG RESISTANCE OF PAINTS This is a drawdown blade with a series of notches of successively higher clearance. The notch clearance is related to the degree of sagging and provides a numerical value referred to as the Anti-Sag Index. The higher the Anti-Sag Index the better the sag ... more

 Tomy Mini Slide Centrifuge
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Features :

  • Dries Two DNA Microarray Slides in 10 seconds
  • Protects Slide Surfaces
  • Catches Moisture

The Tomy Mini Slide Centrifuge "Chipmate" is developed for drying two DNA Microarray slides. Chipmate spins the slides inserted to slide holder at approx.480xG to remove the water by g-force after hybridization.

The slide surface where DNA arrays are printed is securely protected for not touching to the holder. The removed moisture stays at bottom of holder and no splashing back happens because of g-force. The standard glass slides are available to use.

The rotor speed goes up to 3,500rpm to generate 480xG and it only takes approx. 10 seconds to dry the slides.

The Tomy Mini Slide Centrifuge"ChipMate" is easy to load and operate with no knobs to set or buttons to press.Simply close the lid to start it then push the tab and open the lid to stop it.

The rotor stops immediately when the lid is opened to avoid possible injury from moving parts.If a less abrupt stop is required,push the stop tab and leave the lid closed until the rotor comes to a smooth stop. The Tomy Mini Slide Centrifuge "ChipMate" is designed with durability in mind.

It features reinforced stop tabs,strong hinge supports and a wide base for stability.

ChipMate Specifications

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ChipMate Specifications

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